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develop the controlling idea.

My little niece,a ten-month-old baby,is the most lovely child I have ever seen.Her brother usually babysits her in his spare time.Her face is like a red apple and her eyes are like bright stars.When you carry her in your arms,she likes to put her arms around your neck.All the grown-ups in the family love her very much and often try to make her smile.But quite often it is she who makes us laugh.Her father likes to take photos when she smiles.Once I winked at her and she smiled.When I did it again,she had to close both eyes at the same time,and then quickly opened them again.And that was staring at us,puzzle,as if she were asking,”What are you laughing at?”We all love this gorgeous,cute little baby. Section C

Directions:Write a short essay with a clear central idea and effective development in about 150words.You should base your writing on the following situation and give consideration to the unity,coherence and variety of each paragraph.

Your best friend Teddy asks you to help him cheat on an English exam,You must say no to him but justify yourself by showing what is true friendship.Don’t worry.He can accept your opinion because he will know the true meaning of friendship.

Unit 4 The Joy of Work Text A Work Is a Blessing Exercises

I.Checking Your Comprehension

Directions:Choose the best answer to each question from the information given in the passage. 1.The author got a part-time job on a dairy farm______. A)to pay for his school tuition B)To help support his family C)To get some work experience D)To earn some pocket money

2.According to the author,his father and grandfather_______. A)had worked harder on the farm than he did

B)Had made a living by milking cows on a dairy farm. C)Had never complained about life on the farm D)Had never left the farm in their lifetime

3.The author joined the ROTC program______. A)to fulfill his dream B)To pursue his career C)To avoid farm work D)To help pay for college

4.Why didn’t people in Bangladesh use a machine to replace the woman? A)Because they couldn’t afford to buy a machine. B)Because they didn’t know how to use a machine.

C)Because the woman needed the work to support her family. D)Because the work could only be done manually.

5.According to the passage,people who don’t have jobs will______.

A)become drug dealers B)Be in difficult situations C)Be in poor health D)Have to free time

II.Building Your Vocabulary Section A

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with the correct choice of the words given in the brackets.

1.The campaign to drive the drug______away will continue.(dealers,dealerships) 2.I’m going to______to the manager about this.(complain,complaint) 3.This method is______used in modern laboratories.(rare,rarely) 4.The rain will be a______for the farmers.(bless,blessing)

5.Your suggestion will______to solving the problem.(contribute,contribution) 6.It is______to buy cigarettes in Britain if you are under 16.(legal,illegal) Section B

Directions:Fill in the blanks with the words given below.Change the form where necessary. Commit unrest quit immigrant Dairy victim trafficking subsistence 1.The president is______to reforming health care.

2.The majority of black African people rely on______agriculture for survival. 3.Many students here are second-or third-generation______. 4.General______in the country increased as hunger set in.

5.Have you ever used nicotine replacement products to help you______smoking? 6.He is a/an______of an illness over which he has no control. Section C

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with a suitable word. 1.She often complains______not feeling appreciated at work.

2.Hearing that song always reminds me______a certain night in Santa Cruz. 3.I’m really looking forward______our summer vacation. 4.The sale of the house only brought______about $45,000. 5.Helen believes______jogging for her health.

6.The only way to learn the script is to say it to yourself over and over______. III.Bridging the Gap

Directions:Fill in the blanks with a word or a phrase that best completes the passage.You may choose a suitable one from the list given.

Improve stressed check out clearing away arrive Weight priority different routine route

We all get the Monday blues from time to time,but there are ways to______your working life and be happy at work.If you’re going through a rough patch at work or are lacking job satisfaction,______these ways to boost your mood an have a happier work day.

If your workday often leaves you feeling______and overwhelmed,it is time to calm things down by getting more organized.Firstly,make sure you______a few minutes early for work to give you time to organize your tasks for the day and get prepared. Secondly,organize your space by______any clutter and streamlining your workspace.Finally,make a list of everything that you

need to do that day in order of______.If you can,try taking care of the more difficult things first to help take a______off your mind.

Variety is the spice of life,and this is never truer than when it comes to your working day.Following the same______day in,day out can quickly cause boredom and dissatisfaction to set in,so try making every day a little______in any way you can.Try doing routine tasks in a different order,talking to someone new or taking a different______to work.If you really can’t shake up your workday itself,instead try organizing something fun and different to do on your lunch break every so often.

IV.Translation Section A

Directions:Translate the following sentences into English,using the words or phrases in the brackets.

1.My mother says that_______________________________________(她盼望見到你).(look forward to)

2.__________________________________________(如果你不斷抱怨沒有時間工作),you will notice that you have less and less time.(complain about)

3.The construction of a highway____________________________________(將有助于郊區的發展).(contribute to)

4.The movie__________________________________________________(我們做了最壞的打算).(be prepared for) Section B

Directions:Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

Whether you are waiting tables or a brain surgeon,any job you do is about serving others and making their life better on some level.We have all had experiences where someone working in their job has lifted us up and made a difference to our day or brought us down and made our day worse.We have all met wonderful people cleaning floors and people who are not so wonderful who have amazing jobs.So whatever your job,how do you bring love to work?Be grateful for your work.Being grateful doesn’t mean you have to stay in a job you don’t like your job,but you may enjoy being with your colleagues.This is something to be thankful for,When you practise gratefulness it will really allow you to develop a more useful outlook and be happier at your work. V.Organizing Your Ideas

Directions:Put the following sentences in the proper order so that they make a complete paragraph.

1.Societies go through cycles.

2.One generation works hard and plays little.

3.Work has become a four-letter word for many people. 4.Right now we seem to be in a pro-play,anti-work feeling. 5.Another generation reverses the trend. VI.Reflecting on the Text

With the sharp rise of the number of college graduates in the labour market in recent years,it is increasingly difficult for college students to find ideal jobs upon graduation.Should they stay at home living off their parents or should they take jobs that may not be so satisfactory?What do you think of the NEET group(an acronym for people currently “not in education,employment,or training”)in society?Give your reasons and suggestions.

Text B How to start your own business Exercises

I.Checking Your Comprehension Section A

Directions:Read the following statements and mark Y (for Yes)if the statement agrees with the information given in the text;N(for No)if the statement contradicts the information given in the text;NG(for Not Given)if the information is not given in the text.

( )1.The tragic reality is that the passion often dies along with the failure of the business. ( )2.If you want to start your own business,you should take advertising into consideration.

( )3.That you are unhappy with your current job might be the reason for you to start a business. ( )4.When making business plans,you should not give too much consideration to your passion. ( )5.To keep your business alive,you should cooperate with your competitors. ( )6.In starting a business,you’d better follow the model in your own field. Section B

Directions:Complete the following sentences with the information given in the text. 1.Starting your own business brings in______.

2.Your business cannot survive if you don’t have enough______.

3.Taking your passion into consideration,you will stay focused on______. 4.In doing business,it is very likely for you to exceed______.

5.You should establish relationships with people who can offer______. 6.A makeshift Board of Directors will guide you in______. II.Building Your Vocabulary Section A

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with the correct choice of the words given in the brackets.

1.This______study was conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology.(exhaust,exhaustive) 2.In these jungle areas,every day is a fight for______.(survival,survive) 3.They are seeking financial support from______sources.(vary,various)

4.These methods can help to increase students’______and interest.(motivate,motivation) 5.This adds to their knowledge about the______they are pursuing.(profession,professional) 6.Many firms are struggling to survive in a highly______marketplace.(competitive,compete) Section B

Directions:Fill in the blanks with the words given below.Change the form where necessary. Routine prioritize exclude sound Assume pattern exceed unique

1.Following his parents’______advice,Dr.Francis developed an interest in science. 2.That figure______total foreign purchases in the first four months this year. 3.It is wise to_______questions in your order of preference.

4.All the manufacturers try to add something______to set their devices apart. 5.He exhibited nearly the same behaviour______as his younger brother. 6.It shouldn’t take too long to get back to our old______. Section C

Directions:Complete each of the following sentences with a suitable word.

1.Their difficulty lies_______not knowing what to do next.

2.The committee now has to decide whether to exclude him______the competition. 3.I did not bargain______her coming too. 4.Corbett resolved to seek______the truth.

5.You have to apply to the passport office______a visa.

6.We didn’t have the structure______place to deal with so many orders. III.Translation Sections A

Directions:Translate the following sentences into English,using the words or phrases in the brackets. Section B

Directions:Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

Before you make up your mind about which way to go,take a hard,honest look at your motivation for starting a company.Too many people are looking to get rich,escape the corporate grind,and work shorter hours with more free time.None of those reasons is likely to lead to success.If you are focused on solving a customer problem or need,believe you can do what you do better than anyone else,dying to work long hours,wear many hats,and juggle endless responsibilities,then you have the right start up mindset.you also need certain personality traits.One of them is a willingness to work very hard all by yourself,at least for the first year or so(and possibly longer). IV.Writing Section A

Directions:The following sentences are grammatically incorrect or incoherent.Improve them. Example:The number of pages for daily reading have been increased. Revision:The number of pages for daily reading has been increased. 1.Anybody would feel the same way if you had a teacher like mine. 2.I read an interesting story in a magazine about sportsmen.

3.The climate in the coastal cities is much warmer than in the interior ones. 4.Running down the hill,the farmhouse came into view.

5.To get ready for the trip,all the things he needed were put into a suitcase. Section B

Directions:Supply a topic sentence for the following paragraph.

______________________________________________________________.Successful first dates include both parties expressing information about what they like,who they are,and so forth.Usually,these dates will end in tentative plans for a second one.Clingy(黏附的)dates end up with one of the parties practically begging for information about the other.However,the non-clinger is not interested.On boastful dates,one member of the duo(一對)talks about all of his or her skills,talents,and abilities.The listening end of the pair is never asked about his or her life,Awkward first dates generally involve lots of silence or one or both of the partners not knowing how to act appropriately.While many dates occur every day,they can generally fall into one of these categories. Section C

Directions:Write a short essay with a clear central idea and effective development in about 150words.You should base your writing on the following information and give consideration to

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